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Aura spray

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Chakra set

Chakra set contains:

  • Abundance and Safety
  • Sacral Moments
  • Focus and Motivation
  • Love and Acceptance
  • Purity and Truth
  • Clear Vision
  • Buddha Consciousness


Chakras are energy centers in the human body, a kind of portal of our emotions. The main chakras are 7 and they are associated with different states of consciousness. Each chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland.

The secret of the healing and harmonizing effect of essential oils is in their tiny molecule, which passes through the cell membrane and enters it. Thus, the influence of oils is intracellular and changes the biochemistry of our body.

The chakra set is a set of highly vibrating blends that balance and harmonize the 7 main chakras. The application of essential oils can have a beneficial effect on the functions of the chakras, organs and systems they control.


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