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Moon Cycle Set

The Moon Cycle set is a set of high vibration blends of 11 Moons, which includes:



Each month, a woman’s body goes through four different phases that affect hormones, emotions and self-sensation. Every week our hormonal balance changes, and with it our brain chemistry. In order to be able to realize our Feminine potential and reach our Higher Essence, we must know these 4 phases and know how to take advantage of each of them. We at 11 Moons have created special essential blends for each of these 4 phases. Use our oils to establish a deep and intimate connection with your body and to have access to huge reserves of energy, vitality and clarity.

The first phase of a 4-week cycle is follicular. It occurs immediately after the end of menstruation. During this first week, the body begins a process of renewal and production of new eggs. This is the time for a new beginning – a wonderful moment to dream, to make big plans for the future and to start fresh. The essential blend for this phase is New Moon

The second phase of the 4-week cycle is ovulation. This is the period in which a woman feels and looks most feminine and sexy. When we are ovulating, communication is our strength and no one can say no to our desires. The essential oils blend for this phase is Magnetic Moon.

The third phase of the 4-week lunar cycle is known as the luteal. This is the phase in which many women experience symptoms of PMS. This week we are focused on the details. This is the perfect time to tidy up your home and throw away everything unnecessary. The essential oils blend for this phase is Blue Moon

The fourth and final phase of the lunar cycle is menstruation. At this point, the two hemispheres make a very strong connection with each other. This is the perfect time to delve deep into our bodily sensations and take stock of how the last 3 weeks have gone. In this phase, it is best to withdraw from the world and take care of ourselves and our needs. The essential blend for this phase is Red Moon

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